Author Topic: Late February 2016 Recent Changes  (Read 2101 times)


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Late February 2016 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: February 28, 2016, 01:57:02 AM »
A few assorted bugfixes, features, and other changes made over the last four months and unannounced (not exhaustive list, just some highlights):

  • Mentoring Forum page fixed and date-sorting now sorts correctly
  • Changing realm banner or colour within realm borders instead of only within capital city
  • Bugfix for lightly wounded nobles unable to join tournament
  • Lords notified of temples and guildhouses within their region being enlarged or shrunk by elders
  • Group individual monster/undead activity messages into a summarized message
  • Remove blocks on yahoo and hotmail emails for account registration (on trial basis)
  • List of island's duchies available on Information page
  • Remove drop links for combat and advy gear in advy inventory
  • Default wedge formation for cavalry units
  • Unpredictable line deployment for monsters/undead
  • Sages and Wizards stay in or near human realms
  • Steward removed if elected/appointed as lord
  • Paraphernalia removed when pausing
  • Increased common items when hunting for advies
  • Many old red tables converted to new blue datatables
  • Add link to island maps from front page

There have been numerous behind-the-scenes functionality improvements, as well.
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