Author Topic: Thesseus 3 - a philosophical leap from sanity  (Read 394 times)


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Thesseus 3 - a philosophical leap from sanity
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Message sent to all members of the Goathorde (12 recipients)
Everyone: Support the friendly TO in Porl if you feel like it!
If you feel like doing anything else, like grazing the juicy fields our realm is rich of, be my goat!

During free hours one is advised to follow a random Goat as long as possible and study its grazing methods specifically.
Be careful though NOT to act at all like a mindless 'drone' during this repetitive minimalistic task.

Also do mind not to feed the Goats in order to prevent from disturbing their natural behaviour.


Thesseus Polytus
Knight of Haji
Marshal of the Goathorde

A barley dressed Marshal stood rambling in a field near its units camp ground as it's Captain came to report from his private mission.

"Sir, we uhh... couldn't manage to find your rat sir, it..."

"Don't worry about it captain. Here."
Theseus interrupted handing a generous bonus for his captain, to it's surprise however, as he was expecting rather the opposite.

"I have forgotten all about the rat. I have given up on sleep. who needs sleep anyway?"
Thesseus continued while spastically accentuating his words in his disturbed body language.

 "Come closer."
He gestured his captain to come near, placing his right arm over the captains shoulder.

"I understand now. Yes i do!"
A manic grin appears on his face as he continues.

"Its the free spirit of the Goat you see! to accept only freedom without compromise!"
The captain becomes visibly worried.

"If i get killed in freedom, or even kill myself for that matter, i am in full control. Yes!"

Thesseus blackened, of sleep depraved eyes pierced threw his captains.

"Then one would actually be winning while losing!"

Thesseus quickly claps his hands in a single motion.

"It doesn't really matter! Yes!"

Thesseus grabs hold of his captains shoulder again and walks him threw the fields around their base camp.

"You see, we noble men fight for a free world for humanity against the daimons. But to do this one has to actually give up its freedom and organize order for its fellow nobles. So when these humans win the battle, they lose. When they lose the battle they also lose. But us free Goatlanders, not compromising with the outside world, would ALWAYS win, no matter what. Because we live and die free, from our first to our last breath we will."

Thesseus' captain scratches his head in confusion, then looks at his hand full of gold coins.

"So does this mean new equipment for the men? Where are we suppose to buy it? here in Porl?"

"No no no my friend, you got it all wrong! Look at the goats and all your answers will be given! They don't NEED the equipment!"
Thesseus wildly gestures a circle of some kind in front of his head.

"Its all in HERE!"
Poking his finger in his temple.

"So... this is for me then?"
Asked even more confused.

"Yes! enjoy! find a brothel or a goat stable, what ever you fancy! and Remeber: FREEE!"
Thesseus makes a wild dance as he returns to his tent, leaving a clueless captain behind.
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