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Re: Looking for Alpha Testers
« Reply #15: May 19, 2016, 11:13:44 PM »
It's possible. I don't have any Linux desktop systems anymore, so sadly I can't test (same with Windows). I just thought in general the 64 bit systems can run 32 bit software?

For the most part, I understand that they can run, but if a dependent driver isn't there (because it's no longer supported for 64 bit or hasn't been installed to specifically cover it) then it won't run.

I did some research and it looks like there have been some problems if you aren't using the proprietary graphics driver for AMD/ATI graphics cards.  With the start of Ubuntu 16.04, this driver is no longer available for use (compatibility issue) and a revamped open source driver was developed with AMD/ATI.  Works great, but could be the snag behind this as well.

If I find new information, I'll report it.