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Re: Alpha Client Feedback
« Reply #120: June 14, 2016, 05:11:18 PM »
Yes, I have similar impressions in some games. I will do some local testing where I can check more precisely what is going on.

Can you give me an example with time when it happened?

I noticed it in some of the games yesterday (if that's helpful enough for time?)

***Edit - Day 30 in Blauunk
***Edit2 - Day 40 in Koenigsbaum (1800 German time today). Stone repair job. Needed 3 for two repair tasks, had 1, one task worked, other failed due to lack of resource, currently have 2 stone stored.

It also still seems as though the family will only eat if there is enough food for all of them to have a meal, I only ever have my family at the same hunger levels and often have food sat there for less than all of them.
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