Author Topic: Thesseus 7 - a final bellow  (Read 530 times)


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Thesseus 7 - a final bellow
« Topic Start: April 12, 2016, 11:09:01 AM »
A serene calmness appeared on Thesseus face after hearing the news of his appointment from his Captain Bert.
It seemed as if some heavy weight fell right off of his shoulders.
He bellowed once more in what seemed to be an agreement.

"However Sir, with the bringing of this good news, i must also bring bad news. The realm is attacked from all sides by the Daimon hordes who even have turned our own goats against us. Then there is Spearhold joining the attack in Haji. And what is worse, Our Manstomper Agnes has been killed in the process... This is in fact a very black day for Gotland."
His captain carefully reported, staring at the ground in desperation while bringing the news.

Thesseues shortly bellowed once while his eyes went wide open.
A fire appeared to be burning on his Retina has he stood up in a very steady motion.

"Goatland needs me."
He suddenly said, to the surprise of his captain who lifted his head right away and now looked full of anticipation.

"You can talk Sir! Its a miracle!" The captain exclaimed while preforming some sort of uplifting dance, jumping from one foot to the other.

"There is no time for celebration my Captain, Goatland needs me now, before there is no more Goatland to return to..."
Thesseus pushed away his captain in an annoyed gesture.
His captain nearly fell to the ground, but wouldnt care less, but rather kept dancing as he followed his Master out of their field tent into the grazing fields of Sniika.
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