Author Topic: Development Notes and Updates  (Read 11989 times)


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Re: Development Notes and Updates
« Reply #15: September 03, 2016, 01:20:03 PM »
Beta Build 11 has been released. It is a huge update with many changes and improvements.

 Get it from the download page -

 Here is the list of changes:

 * PvP Actions added
 * Market place is becoming available (not complete, yet).
 * ID/Key reminder button works now
 * You can now repair other peoples buildings and fences.
 * Pressing Enter in chat now sends the message
 * Winter ground texture fixed
 * Diary entry texts fixed
 * Announcements texts fixed
 * Dragon shadow fixed
 * Pathfinding problems fixed (peasants will no longer be stuck)
 * Plant field description fixed
 * Fixed a bug where homeless families would find non-existing homes on empty plots (actually, they found houses in other villages...)
 * Fixed a bug where resources where collected into destroyed buildings