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Blue Bird
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As the sun rises sits a man against a stone as the sun glistens across his shaved head. Looking upon the landscape that for so long has been a blessing and a curse all at the same time he laments on the deeds he did, but recalls the deed that the crowds cheered for. He flips his dagger in his palm, as the breeze of spring rustles through the forest behind him. For though the past is dense and is thick as thieves, the present is current, but the future is a mystery left to be discovered. emerging from the forest walks a woman that places her hand upon this mans shoulder and gazes out with him into the sun.

They enjoy the breeze as it rustles once again in the forest and blows out toward the eastern sun, as life and with the wind you can only move forward you cannot rewind the clocks no matter how hard one should try. She sits beside him on the fallen tree and nudges the man slightly. Smiling he nudges her back and with his palm open she places hers within his and they again gaze at the rising sun.

In the corner of there eyes they see a spec on the horizon headed toward them, in the sky and as it grows closer it gets smaller, flying above them is a bird one that is the size of a robin, but as blue as the sky. As the women reaches up her hand the bird fly's toward her hand, it makes it's way to sits on her finger and joins them. As nothing happened the bird relaxes as it has always done. Just as if it has rejoined old friends, comfortably the bird begins to slowly sing a song as it enjoys the rising sun.
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