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Re: Monster Problems
« Reply #360: November 29, 2018, 02:45:35 PM »
Letting a marauder realm settle on our border and grow beyond control is not really a good way to make sure we can keep to PvE in the future.

Short war against a fledging colony now > Eternal war against a powerhouse later

Tol being successful would be disastrous for Westgard. Even if they were to magically never maraud Westgard (seeing what they are doing now and saying OOC, I'll never believe that), a huge nation on our border combined with a diminished rogue spawn overall is a recipe for total boredom. If there are less rogues to begin with, and Tol kills a ton of them, what the heck are we going to have left to do? There's no thrill about fighting tiny hordes. Westgard would cease being the shield of humanity, the only nation surrounded by rogues, but would become enclaved behind another larger realm.

There was no winning solution to the problem of the Tol clan settling on our border. Every solution to protect our PvE involves PvP. Which is giving these people exactly what they came there for to begin with. To go antagonize the only realm that was truly having fun NOT caring about politics and PvP. A more old-school BM experience, with the realm as a team, where the point isn't to always be at each other's throats with ridiculous schism-spawning plots and fratricide, where there are no gimmicks like peasant militias, region corruption, spies, defections, etc., that have now become the norm but were exceptions to the rule back then.

"Internal conflict! Internal conflict!" Some chant for it ad nauseum. Not everyone enjoys it.

There are a ton of realms for PvP on other continents, and even on Dwilight. There was no reason to go and try to ruin Westgard's fairly unique PvE culture and gameplay.

"Let's go pick on this one realm and unite a huge coalition to force it into a big war because we are bored and can't be assed to fight a closer war and we're too afraid of risking harm to our own lands" is nothing to be proud of.

Dwi was always a frontier continent. Realms being able to just pack up and settle on the West, with but a tiny 8k or so army... is really removing from that. Meanwhile, less density in the East, farther away neighbors, more alliance-blocks, less close war prospects... Basically the opposite of everything that's been aimed.