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Re: New character
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I would definitely recommend Outer Tilog. We're among the most active on Colonies, and have a fine cuisine of scribes that you can choose from. You will be paid in all the fur that you could ever wish for, and when you think you have had enough fur, you will be paid in even more fur. You can always visit the exquisite torture farms of Volkanita, the region I am lord of. It is one of the few places where adventurers are free to place portal stones to their liking, as Outer Tilog is a place where one our previous Ministers of Injustice is worshiped by Daimons.

Who am I, you may ask? Well I am Salindar Kuriga, inventor of a rather particular collar. I shall demonstrate its function by putting it around your neck. Now, all I need do is pull this cord, and... woops. I'm starting to think I should demonstrate them on my scribes rather than the customer. *sigh*