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How I love you.  It is so disappointing that this type of gaming isn't more popular, it has so much to offer.  And such a wide diverse amount of games to choose from.  I love all types of gaming, but browser based has been a constant for me for the last 15 years.  You'll notice a trend of ladder games that reset and don't have bonuses for donating, its kind of my weakness.  I'd like to hear about some of your favorites.

Popular Recreation: The Reincarnation

Classic.  If you don't know original Archmage you missed out on an amazing game.  15,000 players a reset, 2-3 month games, top ten players get in the hall of fame.  Its basically magic the gathering as a browser game, the 5 colors your a mage researching spells summoning armies attacking players for land and summoning more :)

Popular Recreation: Magellan Wars, though that ended recently and Archverse is supposed to be back in creation, again.

Also done by Maritel except this is a space game with a bunch of races where you take planets, build them up, research tech, completely customize tech on your ships, and attack other players for their planets all to build up enough to take out the empire, whoever does so wins.  About 8-10k players a reset.

War of Empires

A very interesting game I came onto last year.  Another ladder based war game with guilds and turns, multiple races, research, guild research, and lots of fighting.

Kings of Chaos

Honestly used to be better, but they started using the same engine as Gate Wars(aka Stargate Wars) and they have this weird click system for a higher population which is very lame.  A couple of races, ladder war system, research, and guilds.

Gate Wars

Interesting game, though I don't like ladder games that don't reset they just don't make sense.  I do like the idea though its a ladder game where the top 0.2% or something of the ladder get ascension points and when they have enough they can reset their account back to the beggining and work their way back up the ladder except with a 5% bonus to all stats which is interesting.  They have a couple of different servers with different reworkings of the game play.

Kingdoms of Carnage

Great little game that unfortunatly never made it big but pretty cool.  Different classes, research, guilds, magic items, ladder system, literally.  A lot of games are ladder matches and in this one there are like seven levels you have to fight through against the monsters and the players and the ranking is based first by level your in and then based on how well you are doing in that level so a ladder within a ladder basically.  But fighting against the monsters to take land and fighting against players with multiple ladders during the time when it was popular so just epic.

1000 AD

Haven't played in forever but remember it being cool.


Similar games by the same group so they get lumped.  Cool games with research, cities, armies, gods, races, and of course fighting.


No explanation needed for that one, I hope. Went hardcore on it once, had tons of fun... but if you want to play it in a high tier (i.e. be something in the end game), you have to play a lot or even play internationally, and you have to be willing to invest some cash into it (20 euro/year).

Cantr II

The only other browsergame I play besides BM. It's hard, frustrating and very slow, but also very rewarding. a short discription:

--- Quote ---Cantr II is a persistent browser-based role-playing game (PBBRPG), in which a large number of players play an even larger number of characters who all together form different societies all over our virtual world. Societies exist in different languages, whereby all language groups play in the same virtual world.
--- End quote ---

And also a fun part is the fact that you are not allowed to talk about stuff that happens in game outside the game for a certain amount of time.

The last knights

Basically Risk, only you're one of those pawns invading the enemy lands. There's a turn every half hour to receive gold, and through training in the woods/beach/city/... you level up from Corporal to Staff General, eventually leading your realm to victory across Europe (or die trying). Games last a few months max - whenever one realm has taken over the map.

I haven't played this in years, but back in the day, it was a lot of fun. I quit the day the ranking system got even more time consuming, ads showed up everywhere and subscriptions were needed to have a decent chance at becoming top PvP'er or most experienced commander.

For people who like the strategic part of BM this might be a good game. You join a realm, go training, crush the enemy and fly your colours over as much territory as possible. At the same time you gain experience and glory, scaling the ranks.

Last Knights is awesome. I played it for one map (I think), and I liked it so much. Very time-consuming though. Heck, if you ever want to play it again: maybe we can team up?

Which reminds me. Supremacy1914 is also a nice game for people that like some WWI-fighting. It's also loosely based on risk, with a large variety of playable nations. However, I just checked the site and it seems the layout completely changed recently... should be fun though


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