Author Topic: Salindar On Trading w/ Special Guest Anonymous Scribe  (Read 419 times)


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Letter from Salindar Kuriga   (just sent)
Message sent to: Garm Tanngrisnir Crownguard, Rakaarox Nabarl, Stultus Ironsun

If you were to have someone literate, you would see that I am a trader by profession, and I am traveling throughout to see about any trades I can make for my torture farms. I tend to enjoy people not knowing of my arrival so I can take advantage of any trades they might not normally put up if they knew a foreign trader was in town.

-Why is literacy illegal in a realm that depends on bureaucracy? These nobles are mad! And again about the torture farms, an idiotic obsession in my view, but who listens to me, the scribe? It's a good thing I write these annotations right before having the messenger send them out. Wait, why am I having a monologue in a strangely explanatory manner? Well it matters not, soon us scribes will overthrow the nobles, and run things properly. It's a good thing the nobles can't read for our purposes...

Salindar Kuriga
Baron of Volkanita