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Re: Gameplay Feedback / Questions
« Reply #15: June 10, 2016, 02:54:14 PM »
I'm wondering if maybe there needs to be a greater difference between some of the damages done (or benefits of stone over wood).

Stone only taking one less damage from everything, whilst it is quite hard to get any of it built, got me wondering a little.

Also, not being able to upgrade fences (due to them being damaged straight after being erected so you can only repair them (if they survived)) is a bit frustrating. Although I know the point is everyone is supposed to die.

Would you maybe be able to have semi-customisable games? Where certain options/values could be selected to be in effect for that game? (might be useful as well for the beta to see which options worked out best/most fun for all)
WARNING: Outer Tilog is different...