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Re: Gameplay Feedback / Questions
« Reply #30: September 01, 2016, 10:33:31 PM »
Well, we got our wolves right on schedule at least XD One wolf damaged a whole 5 fields XD


One of the queries is on how the smaller families are at a great disadvantage due to their size.
Another is people not logging in (never activating account). I suspect this may increase on steam because people are used to instant-action games. Or it may decrease because more people will be joining. In any case...

What about a game mechanic called "adoption" that can be implemented on, say, day 5 (will receive the villager on day 6)? The smaller families will get the chance to adopt a person from an inactive family for the cost of using a villager for that day, and the day after also, so they will have 6 people.