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Re: Gameplay Feedback / Questions
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So...the next logical question is - if two people are drawing on common resources from a common hut, how does the game decide who gets them? This could become important if there are more aspects of cooperation.

This is anwered in the manual, actually:


Actions can conflict with each other. For example, the Meier family tries to take a piece of land from its neighbours, the Schulz. However, Juergen Schulz is planting a field in that same spot in the same turn. What will happen?
 The rule for resolving conflicts is:
  • Taking or clearing land and harvesting only succeed if no other action targets the same plot.
  • Planting only succeeds if no other action, except maybe another plant action, targets the same plot.
  • Building succeeds if no other action, or an identical build action, or a planting action targets the same plot.
  For resource conflicts, it is important to know that forest actions (gathering wood, stone or food) are resolved before village actions (building, repair, etc.). Actions within the village are resolved in random order.
 For eating, the most hungry family members will eat first (within those who have the same hunger level, the order is random).
 Monsters are resolved last, after all actions by villagers, obviously (first day, then night).