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Re: Gameplay Feedback / Questions
« Reply #45: September 24, 2016, 10:48:27 PM »
The 'recent things happening on this plot' text window. This is fine unless you have a few events happen that mean a scroll bar is there to view the extra - can't actually move to the box to be able to scroll down and read the rest, as soon as cursor is away from the bit that caused the box to appear, the box vanishes.

In PvP, when should attacking a building happen? I had a hut destroyed (it only had two damage the turn before and, with the issue above couldn't scroll to see how many people attacked it but my repair failed and I definitely had the resource to fix the original damage). Also, it's been previously stated that there can only be one action on any plot in a turn, but I was attacked by more than one family, both causing damage. Please clarify (I see both pro and con for this as it is right that separate families should and would be able to attack someone at the same time, but it has the potential to be abused with groups just getting rid of other families early in the game).
WARNING: Outer Tilog is different...