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Game Start Discussion
« Topic Start: May 25, 2016, 09:46:29 AM »
At the moment, the game has a fairly static start layout with a small bit of randomness. And also when you sign up for a game you see exactly - nothing. You just pick a name from a list.

I had two ideas how to make it a little more interesting to join a game. Please discuss:

a) you don't pick a name from a list, you pick a family from the map. So the game loads up with a list of villages open, and when you choose one instead of bringing up another list with names, it brings up the village map and you can choose your family from there.

b) free-form village formation. You choose village and come to the village screen. However, plots are not pre-determined, only the common grounds are fixed. From the unassigned grounds, you can select your own plot. Essentially, you choose first where to put your house, and then you can starting there pick neighbouring tiles until you have X tiles and that is your land.