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Green Dragon isn't anything special. We don't have serious role-play, we don't have epic PvP, we aren't a trending niche server such as the Hunger Games. We're just your basic semi-Vanilla SMP experience. If you're tired of all the servers with huge command lists, where you need a reference manual just to play, then why not stop by. We're friendly, have a small community, and a fresh map.

We'd love to see you around!

We've enabled Votifier! Vote daily on PlanetMinecraft for a diamond!

  • No white-list - Join and play immediately. Once you've looked at the signs in the spawn, you are free to venture forth without any more hurdles. No needing to wait for white-list approval, or for an admin to rank you.
  • No bloat - We don't have tons of useless plugins. We have just the basics to give you an enjoyable Vanilla experience. There is no need to memorize tons of commands.
  • Effortless area protection - Never fear griefing again. You can claim whole chunks just by building on them. No commands, no waiting for admins, no hassle.
  • Legitimate - Everything you see outside the spawn was built the hard way. Nobody, including admins, get to spawn items, ever, for any reason.
  • Friendly community - We're nice people. And we like to play with other nice people.
  • Small community - Right now, Green Dragon is still a small community of players. You can easily get to know everybody.
  • Fresh map - We just started up, so the map is wide open for settlement. We feature large biomes, so finding the right spot for you should be no problem at all.
  • Community website - We also have a community website with news, indie game reviews, tutorials, and forums. Sign up with your Minecraft username to import your avatar.
NOTE: Do not join and ask to become a mod or admin. If you do, you disqualify yourself forever from such a position.
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