Author Topic: What motivate you to first started play Battlemaster?  (Read 5582 times)


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I was recruited by the Ridder family to help in take Paisly and/or D'Hara with Rynn, my first character, but it was RP with Jonsu Himoura that made me stay.
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I started first, in 2006, invited by Rian Voogt that I met at Renaissance Kingdoms.
I started at Taselak I think in the middle of a war and was too much for me. RK was too consuming.
Came back at 2009, invited by Tali, Sacha and Song, time when Asena and Pian-en-Luries were so active, and funny, and interesting that I could not stop playing.

Now life is so busy and difficult that I can barely log in twice a day, what cause my chars at BT to be arrested a lot. But I still love BM and don't want to stop to play.
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I was asked to join by a very lovely lady.  She told me about how there was a great place for player interaction and strategy.  Two of my favorite things.  I got started in various realms and found myself enjoying it.  A great group of players who worked together.  I haven't really found that as much recently (unfortunately), but I keep hoping to recapture some of what was lost by the sinking of my favorite island.