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[CRP] Along our Journey
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“I give up, what's the point they won't listen, let's go Lucia.” The council meeting had gone as well as she expected, Poorly. She sensed the anger simmering within her It left a bitter taste in her mouth to think she wasted an hour’s of her time arguing back and forth for a simple right that's all Nobles had, part of her wondered if it was because she was a  born adventurer  and not a noble by birth.

 Lucia stood in front of her arms crossed her armour reflecting the dim sunlight coming through the stained windows,  her own  knight in shining  Armour. “ You're the lady Regent, how can you live without an income, you are you meant to beg for gold,  it's disgusting“ Delilah offered Lucia a half-hearted shrug as she brushed past her. Maybe it was her own naivete at the idea that honesty would prevail in any argument and yet here she was  as lady Regent to do her Duty the sword Fell. “I know you mean well Lucia but this is a republic not a tyranny and what the people say hey we're in this case the council is to be  honoured” As she walked down the hallways of the Castle she sighed quietly and took a few deep breaths to soothe the anger that simmered within her at the injustice  that she perceived.

 Lucia quickly caught up with Delilah, she walked a few paces behind Delilah and glared at any cleric that got too close to them. Delilah couldn't help but smile at Lucia's  devotion,   ever since Delilah had been bitten by monsters that had gotten past their defence stance, Lucia had become zealous in her protection,  Delilah wondered if maybe she felt guilty for the scars that run up  her Arms. she's the opposite of My Father  Delilah thought,  but she could admire her for that.   They kept walking  until her thoughts simply melted away,   her eyes would catch random glimpses of odd brickwork or the Look of an anxious cleric holding too many scrolls in his arms,  eventually her thoughts fell onto  the senate House itself to,  it hadn't been used in  it a long time  and barely anyone walked it's corridors apart from a few  clerics and cleaners.

 Delilah stopped and looked out of a window the sun was slowly setting, a golden Horizon orange clouds painted around it call to her.  she smiled faintly as the memories being knee-deep in mud setting up a tent and watching as the sunset came back to her.

“Come on ,let's get out of here Lucia I need some fresh air”

((ooc: ((Sorry for the strange format but the letter e EE isn't working on my keyboard so I'm using the voice to type and sometimes it just doesn't understand me I hope you enjoy this first post on the story of the  Delilah))