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Re: The Tale of Barrett Brine
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Barrett scowls at the puny fishing boat before him. No larger vessel could travers the rocky shoals off the coast of Libiddo.

"I'm sorry m'lord but there's only room for you, save yourself and leave your men behind," says the skipper.

"I've left a lot of men behind over the years," says Barrett, "I've no desire to abandon any more."

Turning from the peasant Barrett inspects his beloved marines. Only five still stand, the rest are laid out in the healer's tent. Barrett absentmindedly touches the bandage on his own arm. Then looking inland he sees the Astrumese banners cresting the hill once again.

A returning scout interrupts his moment's reflection.

"Sir, there's no possibly way we could make it through Libbido or Dizzedo, both are lousy with militia"

Barrett sneers and turns back towards the encroaching troops.

"Tell the men to hide if they can," he says.

With that he strolls to an adjacent hill and cries out at the enemy,

"Come on you mangy dogs, take me head on! I'll duel every last one of you!"