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Re: The Tale of Barrett Brine
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"Get out of that ditch lad, and face us in battle, or leave by sea, I don't care which. If you hide in the ditch then we'll hunt you out.

I'm no duelist, I've won a couple of contests by luck but I've no great skill with the sword, so I'll not be fighting a duel with you."


"Well that is a shame. Just goes to show you can't believe every bit of tavern gossip you hear. The ships that sail these waters cannot accommodate my men and I'll not leave them behind. I'm all to happy to confound your efforts and keep you tied up here as long as possible. Or one of you can test your mettle. That's a "nay" from cravens, Carlos and Helm. What about the rest of you lot? Come on! If you live you'll be telling your grandkids how you once stood up to the great Barrett Brine! And if you don't well your next of kin will tell your tale none the less."

"Sir Barrett, I see that you are a knight of SA. I'm the Sword of the Maddening, the General of Astrum. Why not join Astrum and serve in the vanguard of the Bloodstars? You sound like a stout lad and I'm always on the lookout for good knights. It's a man's life in The "Bloodstar Invincibles" !

"Lord Helm, It cannot be. I am oathsworn to Navarch Solomon. He won my loyalty fair and square in a contest of arms and I never break my word."

"Pity. But admirable, a knight should keep his word. Now I must rest, see you at sunset if you fail to evade successfully. By the way, your best chance  of getting away is to head for Libidizedd evading. If  you evade again successfully you can then use the free ferry route to Eidulb. Several of your realm mates have used that route to escape. Good Luck."

"That is mighty sporting of you. If that's the bet way to save my men I'll have to commit to it. I invite you to give chase."
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