Author Topic: July 2016 Recent Changes  (Read 1373 times)


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July 2016 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: July 13, 2016, 10:11:37 PM »
In order of oldest, since previous recent changes announcement, to newest live changes. And thanks to Dacara family (Wimpie) who has been quite active in responding to bugtracker issues and fixing numerous bugs.

New Features and Improvements
* New Recruitment Center building process
* No longer require hours for lords to look at Economy
* Common item drop functionality removed
* Update Adventurer Selling Items to use input box and datatables
* Shorter titles in various reports (use only most important title, not all titles)
* Allied and federated realm info available on political map
* Allow appointing duke from knight of duchy
* Reordered columns in Scribe Info for more-sensible order when copy-pasting to share scribenotes
* Rebalanced common item generation in hunting and gathering
* Switch All Threads and My Threads default view on Mentoring Forum page
* Lighten capital moving restrictions when realm does not have their own capital and has no other city besides the attempted new capital
* Encourages sages and wizards to travel away from each other
* Update Adventurer Inventory to use input box
* Add more explanation to Region Exchange text
* Display sea zones on political map
* Re-enable Daimon Banishing and Monster Hunting items again
* Display realm's acceptable tax as regional tax rate guideline instead of flat 10% recommendation
* Add more explanation to the tax rate advice
* Recruit less daimons per magic
* Remove siege engines from unit when boarding ships to sail away from an enemy region (war or hatred)
* Rebalanced stable looting so tiny units cannot block larger looting units as easily

* Give characters auto-unpausing from vacation pause a week to login before autopausing character
* Prevent capturing your own scout
* Monsters only rally at full turn, instead of every turn (immediate fix to allow hunting monsters)
* Display recruitment center type in announcement message when building normal center
* Various gender fixes
* Remove extra 4 hours when priest changes class to warrior or courtier with full 16-hour timepool
* No more training matches between wounded characters
* Remove ability for adventurer to add bounty from family wealth
* Do not remove lordship or ducalship upon capture
* Remove throne protection for monarchy, theocracy, and tyranny government types
* Sort hours correctly in Mentor date columns
* Boarding a ship actually removes your gold when it says it does