Author Topic: How to improve the game without changing mechanics  (Read 5017 times)


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destroying realms should be encouraged in certain cases. having this blanket attitude that no realm should ever be destroyed leads to more stagnation than any other cultural problem in the game.

destroying realms clears up room for new realms, new ideas, and new players rising to prominence. it can often be the only way to remove entrenched leadership, ideas, alliances and rivalries that stagnate the game.

there are so many realms dominated by one single active player or a small group of active players clinging onto their little titles, so afraid of change that they drive out any players bringing new ideas to the table. they cling to their old alliances, stagnating continents. they won't take risks, stagnating their own realms until all that remains are zombie chars and gold farmers. these realms should be destroyed.

splitting up big realms is not enough, because most often all it accomplishes is turning a big stagnant realm into a big stagnant alliance bloc. check out morek on dwi, after a year of essentially pointless kerfluffle you now have an alliance bloc that covers the entirety of morek as it was before the breakup other than HD. so all we got out of it was a couple new realm names and the same old, same old with the exception of one stagnant and marginalized realm.

im not advocating for every war to be a war of total annihilation, but just imagine how much more boring and stagnant bm would be if the realm list never changed. regardless of how many secessions there are you will reach a point where you cant secede anymore (and lets not get into how bad a one city per realm BM would be).

realms need to have life cycles like everything else.
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