Author Topic: Late July 2016 Recent Changes  (Read 1416 times)


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Late July 2016 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: July 30, 2016, 03:04:48 AM »
  • Enable Allied Only option for Route Finder
  • Re-enable block for Microsoft emails (hotmail, msn, outlook) to register account
  • Daily Dungeon Report for Judges
  • Re-enable message for appointee when ruler appoints government position
  • Add troop consumption to Banker overall food view
  • Fix bug not removing adventurers from realm when they are banished via their own realm's Dungeon
  • Include unique item skill when calculating skill
  • Display unique item holders in gray text on battle summaries
  • Disable age effects on hour gains
  • Daimon nerfs
  • Allow daimon worshiping realms on BT to torture their own men, like Outer Tilogians (too bad Inner Tilog isn't around anymore...)
  • Able to repair equipment with exactly how many hours you have left, even if less than to repair all unit damage
  • Statues and Monuments Feature Request
  • Allow adventurers to pay to refill empty kegs of beer at open marketplaces.