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War Island Rewards
« Topic Start: August 09, 2016, 11:59:31 PM »
Congratulations to Sandalak for achieving total domination of the War Island (South Island) over Ikalak and Taselak! Sandalak Victory Rewards are as follows:
  • All Sandalak characters active upon completion of Toren Stronghold takeover are considered victors
  • Victors are exempt from the character reset on South Island, and will be randomly-distributed to the new incarnation's 3 realms, responsible for setting up their governments
  • Sandalak's ruler, Jane Fletcher, has had her name added to the Famous Character Names in unique item naming
  • Victors have received a family gold bonus, non-cumulative
    • Jane Fletcher Chamberlain, Isenthorpe Tezokian, Enkimahru Dragoness, Alexei Dolohov received 2k gold to their family as Government members
    • Zlatan Mersault received 2k gold to their family as a Duke; the remaining dukes were also government members and already rewarded
    • Lords who were not government members or dukes received 1.5k gold to their family
    • Remaining victors received 1k gold to their family
  • Statues will be created in each War Island capital with a full list of Sandalak victor names
  • Statues have been created in 3 prominent cities of each island commemorating Sandalak's victory
  • A mention of victory has been added to family history, with special text for government members