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South Island Reset
« Topic Start: September 30, 2016, 06:18:08 PM »
2016-10-07 Update: New characters may now be created on the War Island. Startup mode will cease on Monday.
2016-10-03 Update: Turns are now running, with the island in startup mode (no traveling beyond 1 region outside the realm). Elections will be held for rulers, who will then define their realms' governments, and subsequent elections may then occur for other government members.

New character creation will be enabled on Friday.

Update: The South Island has now been successfully reset. Victor characters with very high gold/bonds have had it reduced. If you detect any particular issues, please do not hesitate to report them, either on the forum or the bugtracker.

Victor characters have the weekend to discuss within their new realms; turns will be restarted after the weekend. New characters will be able to be created after a week. There are a list of changes for this round of War Island and a startup roleplay at the bottom of this announcement.

There will now be a period of conference among the victors, whose privilege it is to set up the governments and themes of the new realms. Once that is over, character creation will be enabled on the island and the regular startup phase will begin.

We on the dev team would like to apologize for keeping those of you playing on (or waiting to play on) the South Island waiting for so long before the reset. Real Life can sometimes be a Real Bitch.

But now we've got the details ironed out, and we're ready to set it all in motion.

That does, unfortunately, have to begin with a complete shutdown of the island, as there are a number of database modifications that will need to be made. That went into effect around the sunset turn today.

We are now working on the reset until it's ready. We expect that to take a few hours, but if we run into any snags, it might take as long as the weekend to sort them out. We thank you for your patience thus far, and ask you to be patient just a little longer, and we will get the next round of the War Island started for you.

The following changes have been made for this War Island:
  • Map has been changed in pursuit of better balance
  • Increased chances of wounding when surrounded and outnumbered
  • Block communication to foreigners
    • Remove government peer channels
    • Remove writing foreign rulers
    • Remove writing lord of the region you're in, if its not a region of your realm
  • Banishment is for life
  • Cannot change allegiance from your realm unless you've been banished
  • Shift combat casualties from dead to wounded
  • Ensure scattered units lose most of their wounded troops
  • Increase healer effectiveness
  • Increase hunting effectiveness against scattered troops
  • Decrease hunting effectiveness against retreated troops

Startup Roleplay:
Time passes since the volcanic eruption that is sometimes called "Sorach's Revenge" and sometimes "Nuumbara's Belch". The poisonous clouds recede and the fires go out. Forests and plains grow back around the blackened lands. Monuments to a forgotten war have grown into tiny walled strongholds, outposts for the few intrepid travelers. Populations that struggled to survive begin to build again and plot their dominance of the island, under the victorious nobility washing ashore. In a week, more nobility would be arriving by ship as rumour of the isle's rebirth spreads.

Sandalak City was destroyed utterly. At the mouth of the new river where its detritus collected, however, pirates and stranded nobles cobbled together a new home, half on land and half on the sea. The volcano's heat warms its river enough to grow crops, and there are always plenty of ships to "tax". It's cutthroat and filled with bountyhunters looking to make a name for themselves.The wild culture in the new Sandalak rejects the old mumbo jumbo and religious claptrap - you ask them? that volcano was the best thing that ever happened to South Island. They're free now and they're equal. Though some are maybe more equal than others, savvy? Equality must be proven by deed, itself proven by how much gold you relieve the enemy. And now that the whole island isn't on fire, it's high time they force their equality upon the island.

Taselak City, the home of the Pythia, had shut its doors to the disaster. It had catacombs and granaries full of food and water, libraries full of books, and temples full of war trophies, and they patiently and penitently waited out the poison and ash. The Wyvern had failed them, but the Snake had taken them into its embrace. Supplies dwindled, but they had held strong and had survived. Outside their walls the True People saw campfires: barbarians. Foreigners. Infidels. The Snake had protected them, yes, and has now given them a test: clear the land of infidels, claim their sacred inheritance, prove their piety, and rule devoutly again.

The captains of the great Treasure Ships were astonished. First, they'd found land where they expected none. Then, they'd found a port - an actual PORT! There had been a city there once, which the starving locals called "Ikalak." Heaven's Emissaries had set sail from their home kingdom and its barbarian Usurper so long ago, and here at last was a home. The First Captain wept. Their tea bushes took root in the fertile volcanic soil, and their civilized customs took root in the rough but eager minds of a local people who told tales of slaughter and even cannibalism. Their local allies in turn taught the importance of martial prowess, and survival in a dangerous land. Together, they learned brotherhood and behaved as a family, with the First Captain ruling as the Fatherly Leader, the realm his children. As a family, they prepare to lovingly force enlightenment and civilization to this benighted isle, extending the firm and loving embrace of their fatherly First Captain to the disobedient children in Taselak and Sandalak.

Cut off from the rest of the island by the great fissures and poisonous gas, the lights in the Toren Stronghold stayed lit. Nobody has heard from the garrison, and the old Griffon and Wyvern flags have become tattered until all that flies from the ramparts are shreds of red and gold. Even when the volcano calmed down, the gates stayed shut. Messengers and traders sent there disappear. At night, the mad gibbering howls can be heard for miles.
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