Author Topic: The Bloodied Empire of Sandalak  (Read 7433 times)


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Re: The Bloodied Empire of Sandalak
« Reply #15: December 20, 2016, 04:59:17 PM »
I see very few cavalry commanders now.
We obviously don't want to see the old days of - infantry and cavalry only!

Archers are quite powerful now but once their damage gets slightly adjusted, they should be in a perfect place.

We definitely haven't really been seeing that many cavalries though. I really hope the restrictions to be lessened a bit to allow people to be able to recruit more cavalries than now.

With many people picking up archers, cavalries should be amazing but since not many can pick too many of them up and due to how expensive they are, even when people need them the most, not many pick them up. Most people just get archers to deal with archers. I mean I don't mind it but it feels like it is less medieval and more napoleon XD
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