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October 2016 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: October 10, 2016, 06:52:35 PM »
The following changes have gone live at some point since the previous Recent Changes announcement in late July.
  • Refilling beer cost made variable per day of week
  • Extra taxes roll over to next week if no ruler or banker, rather than disappear
  • Provide judges a Daily Dungeon Report of prisoners
  • Display full list of common items missing when attempting scroll creation
  • Sortable table of family history
  • Monster strength on testing islands affected by relative size of contiguous rogue region clumps
  • Smart monsters spawned in largest contiguous rogue region clump
  • Add ruler, judge, and banker as able to found new armies
  • Draft Recruits table replaced with sortable table
  • Reorder table columns across the game to consistently use weapons, armour, training, range order
  • Prevent arresting priest if they are judge of your own realm
  • Allows lords to deposit gold into treasuries of guildhouses and temples in their region
  • Scroll to top link provided when reading messages
  • Increased upper price limit on marketplace offers to from 50 gold to 250 gold
  • Inform adventurers when too wounded to use bandages
  • Separate advies characters into a separate table, with an explanatory note on adventurer roleplay, upon the family page
  • Provide a volunteering information page and link from account page
  • Update semantic wiki to fetch capital info from game, and to use actual regional population not max regional population
  • Set lordless region tax rates to a default 10%
  • Add a rare chance for BT lords to discover a non-summoning scroll
  • Remove government members, dukes, and lords after 5 days spent imprisoned
  • Limit chance of high-quality (>80) recruitment centers when there are already some in the realm
  • Fix peasant massacre by small unit looting bug, and other looting fixes
  • Add the ability to dissolve a duchy that is entirely lordless and gift its regions to other duchies
  • Many behind the scenes improvements
  • Many, many more bugs fixed by Wimpie from Bugtracker

If you have any bugs, please report them on Bugtracker.
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