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The Last Virgin In Morek. ( Auric RhyneHardt)
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Men sung jaunty tales of dashing men doing perilous things and achieving feats unheard of on the open sea.
The boat rocked from side to side as waves caressed the sides of the ship. Auric braced himself as another wave Naseau hammered him. It was his third trip on the ship and still it troubled him.
He was "land lobber" as the salty dogs called him and he couldn't agree more. He guy toiled like a bowl live eels. He restrained himself as a bike crept up esophagus. He swallowed it and belched out the remaining contents.
He refused to appear weak in front his men. There were things he could and could not control. Being a young Lord was one he could not avoid but looking weak or incompetent was something he could not allow.
"Saltine M'Lord?" The brash voice of Captain Heimar called out as she towered over him. The giantess-borne stood as solid as a mountain and sturdy as a oak. "What?" Auric rebuffed. "Care for a saltine M'Lord?" She repeated.
He looked at her offering examining it as if to say he was weary of her offering. "IF I was to kill you it wouldn't be with poison." She pointed out. He took the cracker and chunked down on it. "Just out of curiosity how would you do it?" He asked spewing the contents of the cracker out of his mouth. "I'd strangle you with my bare hands. Slap you around a little bit though..." she answered with unnerving calm. "I suppose you could try..." Auric answered trying to hold composure under a thin veil of confidence. He knew full well Captain Heimar wanted to kill him chances were slim that he would survive ordeal. "Why did you join the Imperial Crusaders Heimar?" He asked in a serious tone.
She peered off into the blue expanse before responding.
"Giants have a different life span then humans. When the original Morek stood tall I was girl. It was glorious and my father he served on the guard. "Your father was a giant?" Auric interrupted no he was human. My mother was a giant. Knocked her up on a campaign and moved on. She left me on his doorstep stating it would not be right for a half giant to live among the tribe." She explained. Auric nodded and gestured for her to continue. "I believe in what it is your doing, you're helping revive a GREAT nation. I believe in Duchy of Morek. I want to help them and if helping whip a Young Lord into fighting shape and grooming him to lead is the best way I can contribute, then I will." She finished. "You're a strange woman Captain." Auric pointed out. "And you're a Virgin M'Lord." She rebuffed. Auric's face turned beat red. "What!! You don't know what you're talking about!" "Oh please M'Lord! I can smell it on you a mile away..." " you can't!" Auric lied. "Relax M'Lord I only mentioned it because I think your men are starting to talk..." she said pointedly. "About?!?!" Auric said defensively. "Your lack of libido and silence during the discussions of late.the fact that you're the only one who hasn't been caught glaring at me like a piece of winter solstice ham when no one looking." "well what of it!" He spoke loudly "I'm in the middle of a bloody campaign and recruiting mission and in case you haven't noticed there are not any women around..." He protested. She glared at him. "You know what I mean Captain." She nodded.
"I wasn't propositioning you M'Lord, I'd probably break your spine with a single well placed thrust. I was pointing out you may want to address it when you get some time. The men have been made to accept a lot of things in this ordeal. A leader younger than them, a Lord who is only old enough to pay taxes but a being lead around by a Virgin may cause a revolt..." she pointed out as she turned to walk away. "Alexandria..." Auric said, addressing the captain by her first name. "Yes M'Lord?" "Thank you for you honesty and discretion in this matter." He admitted. She nodded