Author Topic: The Night Of the Dire Wolves Massacre (Liam RhyneHardt)  (Read 441 times)

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Men celebrated and drinks sloshed around as men sung and made merry. Bar song were sung and men wept as they sat around the fire. “Hail THE XERACH!!  Men wept over dragons beard brew. The men were in joyous spirits over the news. The Xerach was with child.

It was with that in mind that Liam drank and brooded over a solemn flickering flame. HE did not partake of the celebration. He brooded. In truth he had no feelings over the news. While he was happy for his Xerach but at the same time he was heart broken. At odds over the lost of his native land Noritor. He couldn’t bring himself to celebrate the news because he was stuck in the rubble of his childhood home. Alara had come and burned it to cinders. From the ash they began anew and went on as if nothing had happen.  His original Lord Christopher Clarke had vanished never to be seen again after sitting idly by and letting his reign and land be Usurped from beneath him.

Liam barely had the where with all to pull his family from out the Frey. Since then he moved his sister to the Isadril and pulled a few strings to set his younger brother up with a Knighthood in a new and upcoming realm in Aegirs Deep In the Morek Empire. All the while waiting for his chance to strike back at the fiends who took his home from him.

“AAAAAOooOOOooooOOOOOOooooohhhhhh!!!!!” Called the howls from among warm night sky. The merry making stopped and the sound of blades being drawn replaced it. “What the hell was that” Liam bellowed with a blade at the ready. “I believe it was wolf sir” Konradin answered. “That doesn’t like any type of wolf I’ve ever heard another answer.  “Oi! Shuddup Jasper your from Xavax City wolves don’t roam the streets there.” “Im jus’ sayin is all!”  AAAAAOOOoooooOOOOOooooOOhhhhhh!!! It called again this time closer. This time the men responded on sheer instinct forming a protective circle around Konradin and Liam. “Alright, men form ranks in a wedge formation blades out.” Liam called out. “Konradin take six dead Eye’s(Expert marksman) into the wood line and when I give the command straight to flush them out. “Aye Sir.” Konradin acknowledged. With a few silent hand gestures he was off with his detail.

It only took mere moments for events to conspire. From amongst the darkened wood line  pale eyes peeked out menacingly. Dark feral eyes bored down on them from all directions. Men whimpered as they battled the urge to run. “DAMMIT ALL!” a man cried out as he stood up to run. “DOWN YOU CRAVEN!” one of the men called out. But it was too late  Weakness had been spotted and it was time to pay the toll.

“DIRE WOLVES!”  Men called out ass they emerged from the wood line like grey blurs. Large menacing grey beast from hell bounded forward with glistening wet maws and sharpened fangs.  They fell upon the men and made war on them Snapping and biting ferociously.  Battle cries rang out on the darkened woods around Proitness as the Liam’s band of red hands did battle with Dire Wolves.

Liam marveled at the veracity of the pack. They better then most men he had exchanged blows with. He did his best to hold his own with his men but it seemed pointless. While in the throws of celebration and haste the scouts of his unit mistaken scouted an area of a massive Dire wolves Den and the merry making brought out them to unit like a shark following a blood trail.  Liam slew 5 with a single swoop and met with another 10. He stepped precariously about as if mimicking dance steps as he cut them down. 10, 20, 30, 45, 67, 88, 101. He muttered to himself as he cut dire wolves down. It went on as such until he lost count at 187. The men had rallid at the sight of their commanders cool demeanor and followed his example.

Then came that ghastly howl once again. This time the Dire Wolves retreated swiftly. Silence ensued for minutes as the men held steady and awaited commands. “Steady men!” Liam called out.  Then as if the world stopped and shift a beast larger than a Buffalo bounded through the Tree line Locked eyes with Liam. It’s eyes were different from the others, more intelligent more calculating. “I think that there Alpha Sir!” Konradin called from among the trees. Liam nodded “Make way!” He instructed as he strode forward in faux confidence.. Inside of him he was shaking to the core and tired. Fear gnawed at  his innards and made him want to turn tail and run. But his heart told him to stand fast die like a Rhynehardt.

He stepped in front of his men and planted his feet squarely in front of the Alpha and spoke evenly. “If you and your pups came for a feast you wont find anything here but death. The Alpha let forth a growl that shook the ground beneath his feet. He bared his teeth and in a toothy snarl and Liam met his with a wolfish grin of his own. “Fine then, IF you insist on being the biggest wolf in the den then Ill just have to show you who’s really in charge. Liam said as he took up a stance of ready.

It happened in a instance. The Alpha bounded forward and lunged at Liam. He barrel rolled out of the way and landed in a crouching position the Men cheered him. The alpha rallied and pounced on his back snapping viciously at the back of his neck. He missed by the most narrow of margins as Liam ducked and rolled again. The wolf pursued snapping his gaping swiftly after Liam and once latching on to his calf. It was brief but the pain was explosive. He lifted his blade and pierced the beast in his left eye. The Alpha whimpered and bounded backwards.  Liam drug himself across the grass pulled himself up by the low branched of a pine tree. The Alpha growled viciously. Blood and clear mucus oozing from his eye. “COME ON YOU POX RIDDLE PUSSYCAT!!” he called out as he readied his blade for another exchange. The alpha bounded forward, Liam liftedhis blade and bored it directly into the alphas chest. Even as the blade sank deeper into the lupines flesh the beast kept snapping to get at his neck, clawing to rend at his flesh. Just as Liam readied himself to received a warriors death the sound of Arrows thwanging against flesh reach his ears and the Alpha fell limp on his blade. He looked up to see Konradin and the Dead eyes lowering their bows. All of there  arrows met their mark and plunged deeply into the Alpha. He passed out swiftly afterwards.

2 hours later he awoke to the men making more merry noise, a dry mouth and head. “Konradin!” He called out “Aye Sir..” Konradin responded “What the hell is the commotion about now?” He asked. “The men are celerbrating another undefeated victory!” HE said with a smile. “We didn’t lose anyone.” Not a single man, well besides you being viciously mauled, but the healers said you’ll be okay after a night of rest. “How many did we kill?” “Nearly 600….The whole damn den. I reckon sir.” Konradin confessed with pride. “Skin the body and give the men their trophies the rest to the XERACH as a early baby shower gift.” Liam instruct as he went to sleep.. Konradin did as instructed sent the XERACH  384 Dire Wolf Pelts  with a card that read. “For the future of Xavax. May your den always be warm.