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Character Personalities
« Topic Start: October 20, 2016, 06:50:57 PM »
I was recently motivated to pen down a bit about my main's personality as a roleplay tool, should I ever choose to use it. I thought I'd start with the general framework provided by the Zodiac and settled on Aries for Selenia. Growing curious, I looked at her character generation date and found that her birthday was April 9th...that she actually IS an Aries and I've played her that way this entire time! I'll get more into it as I pass the time, I'll look into other Zodiac/Personality types and flesh out a chart for her wiki. But I thought this might be an interesting topic for you all to share in on.

This, of course, lead me to wonder about your characters. Who's what?
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Re: Character Personalities
« Reply #1: October 20, 2016, 10:38:59 PM »
Josep is a genocidal maniac, a sadist and suffers from a heavy case of narcissism. I don't have any type of zodiac sign I feel he relates to. He started off a good kid but went more neutral around 15 years old, then gradually over 30 years of his life became what he is now. He loves the scorched earth policy.

He's good to his family and friends though, so they tend to hold him in high regards. They either deny his wrong doings, or make excuses for Josep.

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Re: Character Personalities
« Reply #2: October 22, 2016, 03:26:02 PM »
I tend to create a general idea of what my character is supposed to be and they evolve from there. I tend to give it a twist given the family home is in Hilly Holes, which has been under the control of Outer Tilog for almost the entire time I've played BM. So I (try to) paint the Abjur Family as a whole as natives (rather than transplants, given it's the "Colonies" ;) ) who were ennobled  who have been major Daimon worshipers since before the Colonies became Colonies.

Vladamire: Pure viciousness barely hidden behind a mask of nobility. Often compared to a vampire; he is a cannibal, an egomaniac, and a Daimon worshiper just like his peers in OT. Often plays the straight man to the craziness that is OT. Brother of Aramon and scion of the family.
Aramon: A noble giant. A warrior seeking solace from a hideous past. Brother of Vladamire.
Drawulf: An anatomist and cultist, hiding among the most religious realm on Beluaterra. Nephew of Vladamire and Aramon.
Mastraacht: An adventurous distant cousin. He was severely maimed by a bear, forcing him to wear heavy robes and a veil, but he is probably the most "normal" noble of the Abjur family.
Stelan: A pirate with the Innsmouth Look. Ironically a noble of Ikalak.
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Re: Character Personalities
« Reply #3: October 28, 2016, 06:28:24 PM »
Ive penned several charcters recently and my criteria and rule for them are to have them as different as possible.
Im fairly new to the game so it has become a necessity to layer my characters as they progress.
My first character started out as a hopeful Knight but has had his dreams repeatedly crushed by war and the comparisons he expected his legendary leadership to be as opposed to who they are. As a result he has become a hardened knight jaded by the early losses he experienced in his battle and also a bit whiny as he is skeptical of everything now.

My second is the younger brother of the first and is timid. He is a well temper in combat and tactics but is resigned diplomacy. He thinks first, measures thrice and strikes once. He is still a virgin.

My third is a terminally Ill scholars turned knight who has dedicated his life to dying a Hero and making love in every city he crosses. Hes a war Marchine and views himself and his men as cannon fodder.

My fourth is a adventurer whos shouldnt be one. He almost always dies and hes always broke. He does the bare minimum to get by and yes that is how i role play him.

My fifth is a female adventurer with the balls of steel. She will and has  been through it and she willing to get the job done whether it pays well or at all. She speaks very little and is secretly Harboring feelings for lord of a continent i will not name.

LAyering is key when building a character.


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Re: Character Personalities
« Reply #4: October 29, 2016, 03:50:48 AM »
I don't really think too much about character personalities. Just go with whatever I feel like.

Recently, playing angry [email protected]#$%^&s have been rather intriguing and fun for me so I go with that. Once I get that out of my system, I may try something else.

Or I usually just let characters develop their own personalities. Usually making them interact with others tend to shape their personalities better. Or asking what others think of your character after few interactions.


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Re: Character Personalities
« Reply #5: October 29, 2016, 02:06:44 PM »
I think to be well rounded it is good to start with a very basic premise for each character and see how interactions would change them.  Its what ends up attaching me way too much to characters and keeping it real for them at whatever cost.

Mostly I've played siblings so they have the same slightly messed up background and start out with some similar traits... now really enjoying playing a couple of the next generation... (Wulfric and Jane Fletcher). In times to come it's going to be interesting to see how Garas and Catherines kids turn out .  :o
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