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Remember remember the 9th of November
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"Remember remember the 9th of November."

Liam muttered to himself as he sat on his mount and watched his men reign  down blows upon those who unfortunate few who spoke out against the subjugation of Igno. It had been two weeks since he set foot in his homeland of Noritor. Two weeks since he darkened the doorstep of The abandoned manor house of Rhynehardt's.
A sharp pain made his knee spasm in stirrups of his mount. He suffered a grievous wound on the battle while in Noritor. One that left him moving a  half pace and and swearing profusely every time he received word frok the Marshal of element Movements. it wasn't uncommon. It was the second time he suffered a wound like one that troubled him. In fact, it was in Noritor where he received his first wounds from war. He chuckled to himself. "It would be, that I would have to come home to get real fight.."

All around him he observed troops from his fellow knights executing the commands given to TAKEOVER VIA BRUTAL MEANS. Men wept as knuckles slammed against cheek bones and echoed viciously.
It wasnt a pretty business and he took no pleasure in it but a precedence needing to be set and a order established. Xavax needed to let the realm know  that just because the Xerach was down that did not mean there was blood in the water. He grimaced again at the mere thought that any ome would dare lay a hand upon his Xerach. At the moment he received news of her situation he went livid and his guard captain had to knock him unconscious to get him off the battlefield. Since that day Liam sat quietly in a state shock trying to assess what he truly contributed to the realm. He counted his blessing as he remembered the Marshal and the other nobles escaped captivity and Duke Crownguard was still at full capacity.
He stiffled his anger... It had become a nuisance of late.  Twice it almost got killed. It got him a heavy reprimand from the Xerach and the Arbiter and the collective cold shoulder of his peers.

"Sir?" Konradin interrupted. "What is it Konradin!" Liam demanded.
"You were brooding again..." The grizzled Guard Captain pointed out.
"What of it Konradin? You make it seem as though I should be chipper to slap around shop keepers and flower peddlers." Liam remarked sarcastically.
"No...I was only saying your brooding doesnt make the situation better and it especially makes the situation more somber when you down that DAMNED hood of the Alpha wolf..." Konradin noted.

"It's going to rain soon...." Liam muttered. Moments later thunder tolled and droplets of water began to patter on the cobblestone.
"One of these days youre going to tell me how you do that." Konradin swore.
"Its a family gift... Or curse depending on who you ask..."