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A Missive
« Topic Start: November 12, 2016, 11:26:22 AM »
Roleplay from Corvo Attano
message to all nobles of Greater Xavax
Corvo sat by his desk in the tavern's private room, thick rain pelted down upon the window. As soon as Xavaxian soldiers started taking over Igno, the tavernkeep had announced that, for the time being, he would only serve Xavaxian soldiers. His Sanctiones had just finished whipping the condemned soldiers from yesterday and Corvo had told the that they would get full rations once Igno flew the Imperium's banner.

The men where lucky, Corvo mused, they had been spared from a whipping last night due a peasant riot and they, for now, where to injured to do anything apart from laze around by the fireplaces and drink ale. Corvo thought back to last night.

"My lord!! My lord!" Corvo heard shouting and footsteps coming up the stairs to his room. Quickly getting up and reaching for his dagger, he was relieved to find it was a Whaler. "My lord, peasant revolt!" the man cried, "Call some servants and ready the men, I shall be down soon." Corvo anxiously replied. He did not wish to pointlessly kill any of the peasants, but they HAD to see that Xavax would not give up no matter the threat. The servants came up, they aided Corvo in putting on his chainmail and breastplate before leaving the room. Armoured, Corvo strapped his scabbard to his belt and reached for his cloak. Strangely, a letter dropped out. Ignoring it for the time being he wrapped his armour in the cloak, donned his mask and pulled his hood over his head.

By the time any of the Xavaxian soldier were just about to charge the insurrectionists, the last volley of arrows were fired. An agonizing hour of arrow-fire ended in thirty casualties. Most of the remaining peasants were a lot more accepting of Xavaxian authority after that, but there were rumour of another revolt being planned.

Deep in thinking, Corvo just remembered the letter from last night. He reached over a pile of messages to where he kept the secretive missive. Funny, he thought, there is no seal. Grabbing a dagger, he carefully cut away the covering to reveal the parchment. The side he was looking at simply had CORVO written on it. Flipping the parchment, Corvo watched in amazement as a strange symbol drew itself onto the parchment.
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