Author Topic: What the heck is Epic if his lair is underwater?  (Read 7222 times)

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Hey guys, remember that game The Dream? There were three regions associated with each inhuman faction, which mostly made sense. Undead were at a graveyard (Find them among the dead), daimons were at this lava flow that made no sense (Find them closest to their portals...volcano=daimon portal?!)  :o

But for monsters, find them where their prey is. Hm...if I remember... "Men is prey lol", the bottom of a lake. Mermen?  ;D

This is just a bit of non-serious wild speculation about the strangeness of the world that we dreamed about during the 4th Inv. Guess the stress cracked our subconscious minds huh. Oh, and I liked how I could sidestep up a mountain and look at the world atop it and see...trees.


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Actually, the important part is not so much the under water, but the water. Many predators wait at watering holes for their prey, you know?

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I'm well aware of that, but then why not put it next to the water. I'm not alone in freezing up whenever I touched the water even with the monster amulet thing. Of course after a while I figured out that the game actually still runs and you can feel around to get to the hole...but still that's a bit troublesome.

Hm, though since this is all after the fact, kinda moot now. But just as a heads up in case there's water in Beyond. I wouldn't want to go on a water evaporating crusade.
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Maybe they have an ability that allows them to hold their breath longer while under water? Makes sense, wait in the water until their prey is close enough to strike. Or maybe they can breath both air and water? There ARE animals irl that can do that. Or maybe even, some monsters live in water, and some don't... Epic being one that does?

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The artwork makes the monster of unknown identity look humanoid and mammalian. My first impression upon seeing it was werewolf.


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I'm well aware of that, but then why not put it next to the water.

The simple answer: because that was a really easy way to require you to have something special to get to it.
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What about the issues with going into the water?

There could also have been the "Look like a monster amulet" for protection against monsters. But again, moot point now, though it is interesting to wonder.