Author Topic: Thesseus 10 - Another Raturgency  (Read 287 times)


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Thesseus 10 - Another Raturgency
« Topic Start: December 18, 2016, 01:51:59 PM »
Part I

Two large, fresh, steaming goat turds where strategically placed on two corners of a map, clearly used for some time judging by the many puncture holes in the areas south and south west of Gotland.
On the other two corners, two piles of knifes lay silently stacked, keeping the map perfectly flat.
Thesseus was alone in his field tent in Mekoter, angrily swooping and waving his hands about, yet laughing, giving off very opposing moods.

"We got you pinned now you trash of humanity! Everything is working perfectly, nothing will stop us now!"
He said as he grabbed two large knifes and stabbed it somewhere around what's left of Osmat on the map in front of him.

"We will come from Mekoter, which is about... Here! Thalmarkin will come with even greater forces from Gemke, supposedly somewhere around... umh... Here!"

Thesseus looked at the map satisfactorily but was soon distracted by a fast moving figure in the left corner.
He nearly fell over his chair as he turned around while grabbing one of the knifes on the corner of his table in one sudden move.
For a moment he could see the figure of rat, standing on its hind paws, seemingly waving at him before slipping away, out of the tent.

"Guards! Captain! We got a Raturgency! The dancing devil is back! Go get that rat before it talks! He knows all about my plans!"
He kept screaming as he ran out of his tent, desperately looking for his men, eventually ordering them to: "Go after it and kill it before it reaches the walls of Ossmat".

Part II

Moments after the battle of Ossmat:

Thesseus, sat proudly on his bearded, pungent smelling mount, taking a sip from his hip horn.
The grassy sediment of goat droppings within the mixture of milk and ale, provided a soothing afterbite while he looked over the many dead bodies spread through out the edges of Ossmat.

"The attack went well, even though that rat got away with our plans just in time to leak it... Allthough it doesnt mean i am to stop my search for it offcourse!"
He said frustrated, as he slammed his fist on his saddle.
The hairy goat complained loudly, warning its master not to repeat his actions.

"Shhh Elder! Calm down! Let's get you grazing! Ow there will be plenty of grazing for you Elder, look at all these fresh bodies laying around, the grass here will be lush and sweet! Here, take some Ale and let me get that saddle off of your poor old back."
Thesseus fed his mount the contents of his horn and removed its saddle, which the animal drank contently.

"There, thats far better isnt it? Graze freely now, i shall be back with more ale and a dead rat's head!"
He said as he marched with long and steadfast steps in the direction of the town of Ossmat.

Marching threw the city streets, Theseus eventually spots a pile of small droppings on the corner of a house.
Following the trail leading from it, he is eventually lead to the estate of a Sir Rumi Kalkandel, Knight of Ossmat and immediately proceeds to bang on the door screaming.

"In the name of the Great Goat, hand over the rat or I will come get him myself! I Challenge you to a duel thill surrender of the rat right here, right now!"

Part III

Thesseus relentless shouting eventually did not go unanswered.
An insulted and aggravated Sir Rumi came marching out of the door, immediately, without saying a word drawing his sword.

Without a single moment of doubt, Thesseus unsheathed his Goat hair sabre, made from the finest fabric in Gotland, and charged right at his target in an attempt to overrun him.
Somewhat surprised, Rumi deflected the initial attacks, effectively blocking off his opponent attempt to overrun him.
Both men where clearly not very skilled at what they where doing.
But they where quite evenly matched, making it an interesting duel that went on for quite sometime.
Thesseus' soldiers where peeking around the corner of the house next to Rumi's estate, with great excitement they followed the fight between their master and this enemy noble.
Rumi's men where likewise, peeking threw the windows and door openings of the estate, anxiously following the fight with full attention.
Meanwhile the fight started to draw the attention of the Thalmar forces nearby, conducting their takeover of the region.

Thessues's use of the overrun strategy forced Rumi into a defensive reaction, driving him more and more into the streets behind.
For quite some time the two continued to move around each other, Thessues dealing heavy slashes and quick stabs, while Rumi blocked and countered as precise as possible.
Eventually Sir Rumi took control and in a fast and precise counter, drew first blood.
Blood gushed heavily from Thesseus's right hand, and a bloodied finger lay on the ground in front of him.
Unable to hold his sword any longer Thesseus surrendered to his opponent.
"It appears I will have to surrender Sir Rumi, this hand isn't worth a thing any more."

Sir Rumi grinned and lowered his sword while picking up the finger that lay in front of him.

"But, I came here for the Rat and not a duel, and so while i surrender my self, you will surrender your self to these wonderful gentlemen standing over here!"
Hearing their cue, Thesseus man jumped from behind their corner and one of them slammed the hilt of his short sword against sir Rumis temple, knocking him straight out.
The rest of the men surrounded the house and moments later, Thesseus' Captain approached the scene, followed by a small contingent of Thalmar take over troops.

"Take this nobleman and his soldiers in custody, and do to him as you please, but don't forget to question him. He might know more about the talking rat."
Somewhat confused, the Thalmar troops took the man and dragged him in the direction of their camp.

A healer quickly bandaged Thesseus wound and he and his men continued to go into the building, looking for the little animal with great expectations.
After searching every room and and corner, they find nothing but rat droppings.

"This place must have been full of those dirty animals! There is no way we can figure out which dropping belongs to which rat, i am afraid the trail has gone dead sir."
Thesseus captain said disappointed.

"To hell with them! I wont give up my search, not now we are so close to finding it! That rat has challenged my patience one time to many! I will not rest untill i find that blasted creature!"
With large, angry steps, Thesseus marched back out of the rat house and into the streets.

"Scribe! issue a request at once! Everyone should be looking for this one!"

Somewhat puzzled, the scribe clumsily tried to grab his quilt and parchment in an attempt to dictate his masters words.

"But sir, wasn't our priority the takeover sir?"

"Nonsense! this has our utmost highest priority! Now pen down the following:"

Message sent to all allies in the region Ossmat (24 recipients)
Fellow Warriors of the Herd, Dear Allies,

A rat is on the loose, last spotted near Sir Rumi's estate in eastern Ossmat.
It is easily recognizable amongst other rats, as it is common to dance and talk and drive a nobleman mad.
He has overheard our plans to attack Ossmat earlier in Mekoter and terrorized me before in Haji, some time ago.

Its a pesky creature, quick and cunning.
Do prepare a trap for it or it will get away, like many times before.

Don't let its appearance fool you, this is a daimon without a doubt, straight from the Abbys.
It might be up to something concerning, and offer a very possible treat to our take over of Ossmat.

If you have caught it, contact me directly.

I have also requested your King to question sir Rumi about it, use torture if necessary.
It's trails lead me straight to his estate, allowing us to apprehend the knight.

by the GG's mercy,

Thesseus Polytus
Manstomper of Gotland
Knight of Sniika
Marshal of the Goathorde
Formerly playing the Nosferatus and Bhrantan Family.
Currently playing the Polytus Family in: Gotland, Madina, Astrum, Outer Tilog


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Re: Thesseus 10 - Another Raturgency
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Still mad as a hatter then :)
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