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Xerarch's Death - Corvo Attano
« Topic Start: December 20, 2016, 01:24:05 PM »
Edited to remove sensitive information and fix up name and grammatical mistakes.

Roleplay from Corvo Attano
message to all nobles of Greater Xavax
A messenger approached Corvo's tent, showing the Royal seal, the guards waved her in.

"What is it?" Corvo asked, the woman swallowed before continuing. "My Lord Attano, it is with regret that I inform you of Her Majesty, Selenia JeVondair's death. She was slain holding the walls of Xavax ag-" the messenger stoked when he saw the look of utter disbelief on both Corvo and Ulfbjorn's faces. "Perhaps it be best I leave." the messenger said, and started to leave.

Corvo raised his hand, and bade the woman to continue. "Against bandit forces. Her last request was for Hogni to be delivered to Her Ladyship, Kin Hyral." the woman finished and bowed, turning on her heel and out of the tent.

Sure that she was gone, Corvo slammed a dagger into his desk, burying the blade to the hilt. "Captain, double time the men." he ordered and Ulfbjorn saluted. "Shall I tell the men, My Lord?" Ulfbjorn queried, Corvo simply nodded.
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Re: Xerarch's Death - Corvo Attano
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All messages and roleplays related to Selenia's Death have been recorded here
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