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Re: war island rant
« Topic Start: January 05, 2017, 03:47:44 AM »
Make a new character.


Problem solved.

Regarding the lack of conflict between Taselak and Ikalak, well... it just didn't happen.

Taselak was more interested in fortifying while Ikalak attacked Sandalak.

And when Taselak and Sandalak was fighting, Ikalak was doing other things.

In the end, they just didn't fight each other. There were no messages between the two realms... so like... What? You want to start forcing people to do things? Nobody broke the rules, nobody defied the game boundaries. It was quite literally the fact that Ikalak and Taselak found more interest in fighting Sandalak for some reason.

To force two sides to fight would probably seem like an easy fix, but then it's no longer war island... there's no more freedom. The game quite literally turns into, "Which side has the most nobles."

People in Sandalak refused to delete their characters like was intended, and so, they are stuck waiting.

That is purely the player's doing.

Your character has lost, you are not allowed to keep it if you want to do more than just sit idle. That is the cost of losing.

Ensures the rewards go to intended targets. Reduces risk of spies. Makes Honour more valuable. More roleplay potential, winners can quite literally say, "We killed them all." Because, that's the way it's supposed to be.

The people of Ikalak are actually having a nice bit of fun, we have a goofy roleplay going on, we're all basically drunk.

Please do not hate us, if we let you live, well... both Sandalak and Taselak would have jumped Ikalak. So, the strategy was, knock out one first!

Bam, look at that, now Ikalak won't get jumped.

In the end, somebody has to lose. We all want to ensure that we win, but again, someone has to lose. There is a lot of confusion happening right now, but that is only temporary. Whether or not you continue to play is your choice, but in the end, just remember that the only thing the Titans are making you do is make a new character.

More importantly, you were forced back because you tried to break past the game boundaries.

I am sorry you had the misfortune of having to deal with a few troubled characters, your judge should have truthfully banned them, and if he/she didnt, you should have protested whoever needed to be protested to ensure it happened. I am not against your rant, we all need to rant! It helps the Titans improve when they hear your frustration.
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