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Re: war island rant
« Topic Start: January 05, 2017, 06:17:02 AM »
You can still join other realms by deleting your current character and creating a new one.

Why? Because only winners get to keep their characters. Once your realm dies you are considered a loser.

It is a way to limit the number of characters that will enjoy the benefit of winners for the next round.

It's complete semantics - delete your character and make a new one in the realm that you aren't allowed to join your old character to? - how ridiculous is that?

- There is some concern that people will just join what they see as the likely winning side... this may be true but isn't changed by draconian rule making - if people want to join the proposed winning side they will with a different character - or worse still a respawned same character name...

This version of war Island has been overly ruled from day one - its a game which is supposed to be fun not a police state lol - too many rules and too much interference from outside the actual playing of the game is what leads to dis-satisfaction and this type of thread and the whole idea that there is an alternative agenda to what has been happening.

Day one should have dawned with either no carry forwards at all or people distributed evenly based on numbers... it will always be a bugbear that Ikalak started out with 20% more nobles than the other 2 - noble count is always going to be the biggest influencing factor of all and please don't pretend you don't know that.