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Re: war island rant
« Topic Start: January 05, 2017, 05:51:59 PM »
The problem is, your current character Jane Fletcher survived the last war island as a reward. You won the island so you were allowed to keep your character. Unfortunately, Taselakians were allowed to keep their characters as well. That is why this new rule appeared to prevent the situation repeating itself.

For this island, only the people who bring victory to their original realm will get to keep their characters. Think of it this way. Upon your defeat, Ikalakians are on the hunt to kill all remaining nobility of Sandalak. Nobody is stopping anyone from creating a new character. The issue is, people wanting to keep their old character despite losing.

Yes, it is frustrating for losers to lose their characters but how is it fair to players of previous iteration who lost their characters for losing? It is just happening in the middle instead at the end for this iteration. Wish this was made more clear at the beginning since it seems people take it as a slap in the face but that will be the rule going forward.

It doesn't bother me a jot Taselak nobles were carried forward from last island. It wouldn't have bothered me if ikalak nobles went forward from the last island too. ( Except Nuumbarra lol) were there complaints about that -  if there were I didn't clock them.

As to the reward system the devs made clear in their list who was original and who were new additions etc also.

I'd sooner have seen everyone die in the volcano than the mess that there is now with good players leaving the game completely because they feel so aggrieved.

And you're right there is a lot of stuff should have been made  a lot more clear at the start .