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Re: war island rant
« Topic Start: January 05, 2017, 06:08:08 PM »
And there are 31 new players (not counting the 3 new characters of ex-sandalak players) who joined Ikalak, of their own free choice, compared to the 20 who started in Ikalak as victors of the previous round. There were more characters started of their own free choice than were randomly distributed victors.

We strove to balance the realms as best as possible with various measurements and if it wasn't noble count being complained about, someone would complain about some other metric not being exactly equal between realms. No matter how the victors are redistributed, we won't be able to achieve 100% equality between each realm.

Have to disagree Vita. Noble count is the single most important factor in any realm. And Ikalak started with 25. It was the other two who were 21 and 20 respectively. Most other concerns would have been way less obvious as a distinction  to other players - gold would have balanced within a couple of tax days... I don't know what the issue was for you with gold. 

Think of it this way. If nobody else had come to play the war island other than those reallocated from the first. Which realm had the best options of victory...? anybody can see the realm with the most nobles has the highest chance of winning.

If you were concerned about gold surely the sensible option was to give everyone - say 500 gold to start and leave it at that.

And of the new I would be unsurprised if the majority were not the same families that JeVondair has managed to get playing in Xavax... He's a a tour de force on recruitment recently and good on him for that.  But regardless the tilt was wrong from the start and if you are truly honest with yourself you know that.