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Re: war island rant
« Topic Start: January 05, 2017, 07:06:38 PM »
Don't be silly, sarcasm is unnecessary.

The way an island develops is organic. The way it starts is controlled.  The start should be even with regard to factors that can be controlled. Noble count is the most important factor and should have been even.

Noble count is potential power, but to gain that potential power, you need gold. More people means less gold to go around. Longer refit times, more careful planning required to ensure everyone moves.


Noble count is not everything. There's a lot about war on BM I believe you do not understand. It is more than just "March and kill." The battle is only a single step after many.

You are frustrated, I understand.

However, your argument is, "I have been inconvenienced, I want my character to live." That is the very basis behind most of the complaints, "Why should I have to do this?" 

"I don't want to do it."

There are no semantics, the logic is clear. I will put the equation for you to simply see:

Lose = Character Dies
Win = Character Lives
Character Dies + Character Lives = More specific group of victors.
More specific group of victors = More justified/Satisfying reward for victors

Why is everyone else to blame, about the mess that happened in Sandalak? You had Generals who didn't understand what they were doing, a judge who didn't do his job. Nobles that had no unity.

That is a lot of frustration BEFORE your realm was defeated.

To hate the devs for enforcing rules stated at the beginning is truthfully unfair. They made it as balanced as they could, (I am sure they added many numbers to distribute things as well as possible.), The rest was quite literally up to the realms.
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