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Re: war island rant
« Reply #15: January 05, 2017, 08:37:52 PM »
I don't know if you are being deliberately inflammatory Victor but I must assume you aren't.  I know very well what BM is and have played long enough to know about little things like strategy.

I was not angry. I am not angry but your words are pushing my buttons now.

The game is a game and it is what it is. But this incarnation if war island has been a mess because it has been overly policed we need to learn from that.

Your words about noble count and gold availability are also completely moot. We had 5 regions a piece to start with that is ample to give 25 nobles an income. As to ongoing gold with more nobles your potential to take over regions more quickly is higher too.

Refrain from telling me what you think and how I feel because you really are off the mark and don't know.  Answer my points if you want to but I would appreciate you keeping your answers to what is said rather than what you have decided to infer.

I apologize, my words are not meant to anger.

Everyone did indeed start with the same amount of regions, but we did not all start with the same amount of gold, potential gold, honour and production in regions etc.

You see, I am the General of Ikalak, and I in fact did quite a bit of adding by looking at basically ALL the regions,adding their gold and food together. I even added the base production for starting regions on all the realms. Defining choke points, what was vital, what was the likely route the realm would take if it went a certain way... etc.

Ikalak started with a slightly richer city than Taselak and Sandalak, but both of them had all these insanely rich regions sitting next to them to capture... like 800 gold productions, while Ikalak only had... well 500 gold production regions around. Which is why Ikalak basically said, "WE'RE GONNA DIE!" and ignored all surrounding regions to steal Sandalak's gold production region. Which... to my shock... Sandalak completely ignored. (We then wall off the land from the gold producer through Triewa) Ikalak was in a position where Sandalak and Taselak would have at least over 1000 more gold, give or take.

My point being, I spent a lot of time analyzing you and Taselak. I know a bit, but not the whole picture. I'd like to know more of course, it'll help me understand as well as other. I am sure I am wrong about some things and I can't know I'm wrong unless you tell me.


Everything did not start even, slight advantages were given to realms as well as disadvantages. Ikalak likely had a fair amount of gold production, but, started with low gold and low gold potential... Causing us to send more than half our nobles into one region just to capture it. We might have sent all our nobles actually... hard to remember, so long ago.. many different plans in-between. *Cough*Plus I have an insanely pokey ruler that hogs all the gold and gets mad at me because I have to tell him we need it. He REFUSED to draft as well, stalling us further.*Cough* (Don't hurt me if you read this ^^)(Yah, we didn't spend all that time in the north doing nothing, I was having a power struggle with my ruler)

My battleplan with Sandalak was to strain them on gold and recruits, which appeared to work, you no longer were recuiting many skilled soldiers, reducing most of your range to 3 (2 at one point). All the battles were aimed at making you lose WELL more men than Ikalak did (which was a pain, because we didn't have healers placed efficiently for a time). Which ended in you not being able to field an army that could effectively match us. Give or take a few mistakes that your troops made as well as ours. Your Marshals actually began just using Marshal Settings as well.

Except I would argue that new nobles on War Island shouldn't have a choice in realm. Make sure that noble numbers are even. People don't scapegoat so much if the loss was purely on merit. This wasn't the case. In addition, War Island is the last place I would put up a "not enough gold for the nobles" argument. The concentration of gold there approaches East Island levels of obscene, if not overtaking it.

I see what you mean, but we also have to consider honour and such. It could end in the scenario where we have a realm with like, a bunch of people with 200 honour, and the another with low honours. That would TRULY be a nightmare, imagine having to fight like 25, 250 man units with 25, 90 man units. We could probably reset the honour values, but then the victors kinda suffer a bit... one of the nice feeling of having a character didn't die is that your units can now be bigger.

Gold advantage is an important thing in the War island, quite ironically. More Gold = Better troops. More importantly, highly skilled troops cost more.

Ikalak has a lot of nice RCs, but dayum, they're expensive.
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