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Winter 2016-17 Recent Changes
« Topic Start: January 06, 2017, 06:23:44 PM »
Major Changes:
  • Added ability to manually repair workshops and recruitment centers
  • The tax estimates for new characters choosing their estates now correctly account for the Lord's share being taken out
  • Added the ability for monsters to cross sea zones while trying to get to a particular region
  • Added, then removed, a restriction on the number of alliances a realm can have. This will return in future with a restriction based on the total size of the alliance bloc.

Minor Changes:
  • Allow rulers to set their realm's Full Name on secession
  • Removed hard requirement that religion names end with "-ism"
  • Some adjustments to the Dungeon Report
  • Allow Lords the option to leave their estate together with stepping down from their Lordship
  • Allow Lords to take an estate in their own region without being there

Bugs fixed:
  • General issues with Auto da fe
  • Crash occurring on death of Lord (broke turn script)
  • War Islands characters being unable to change realm when rogue
  • Crash when Judge tries to steal items
  • Some issues arising from the addition of HTTPS secure connections
  • Checking if Priests are too fatigued to travel
  • Not properly notifying the realm running a takeover of a rogue region
  • Preventing gaining skill at the academy if your skill plus the skill bonus from unique items was more than the trainer's skill
  • Cavalry passing each other in combat
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