Author Topic: Thesseus 12 - Not again?  (Read 211 times)


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Thesseus 12 - Not again?
« Topic Start: April 12, 2017, 03:14:33 PM »
After a long period of unconsciousness, Theseus' eyes finally flickered open while a bunch of enthusiastic healers stood around his bed, waiting in anticipation for his full recovery.
They just gave him a strong mix of Goat droppings blended with various herbs that grow in the fields nearby and off course much, much alcohol.
The potion was brewed to wake a recovering man up from his coma.
They have successfully kept all curious folks outside of the healers tent in order to make sure Thesseus would get the rest he needed.

As he tried to get up, an agonizing pain in his entire body put him right down again.
He took a deep breath and asked the healers for help, something was clearly on his mind and he was dead set to to get it out.
However barley a sound left his throat and the healers where left puzzled.

"Was he trying to say something?"
One of them asked the other.

In the back of the tent Thesseus' scribe and Captain where having a meal while they noticed their Lord waking up, the scribe, who was only recently hired stopped eating and rushed for the bed immediately with quill and parchment drawn.

"Yes M'Lord?"
The scribe asked ready to write down his first words.

Thessues gathered all his strength and tried to speak once more.
" Beheeheee!"
The sound that came out of him was familiar to all in the room, but perhaps most familiar to Thesseus' captain, who has been with his master for much longer then the other staff members did.
Thesseues tried to speak again but the only noise he was able to make was a loud belch.
Outside the tent, Thesseus' herd responded joyfully.

"Behehe! Behehe!"
It now sounded in unison.
Every time Theseus tried to speak he belched like a goat and his entire herd responded while his scribe frantically tried to make out words from the belching.
He understood that the situation in Gotland was dire and everyone was desperately waiting for their leader to respond, but this was certainly not something any scribe could work with, yet none or the less the scribe at least tried to write down something.

Moved by his masters belching, the captain calmly came to his bed and sighed.
He shortly put the back of his hand against his masters forehead.

"Yes, I have seen this before men."

Theseus tried to reply but instead belched in dismay.

"This is not good..."
The captain said as he looked at the healers in the room.
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