Author Topic: Thesseus 13 - Flashback lightning  (Read 229 times)


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Thesseus 13 - Flashback lightning
« Topic Start: April 12, 2017, 03:30:00 PM »
"This one? should we sent out orders for the TO in Hirzmet?"

Thesseus' scribe Sebastian asked while holding three pieces of parchment with three different symbols on them in front of his master.
Sebastian had figured out a method for Thesseus to respond to specific questions, Thesseus could simply point at one of the symbols, representing a certain response.
Although some nobles here had learned to write themselves, Thesseues was certainly not one of them, there for this method was the only way for him to lead Gotland.
The whole weight of the realm rested on his shoulders and unable to communicate, the entire herd grinds to a halt.
"Alright Sir, orders will be send out as soon as possible."

Although the method worked, Thesseus was clearly worried and had tried to tell his scribe something seemingly important ever since he woke up.
Sebastian did his best to figure out what it was, but to no avail.
Even though he managed to get many questions answered, they still didn't know what exactly happened to Thesseus in Daisha.
Someone read a spell targeting the Bloodscreamer, nearly killing him.
But who did it or what it did to Thesseus was still a mystery to Sebastian and the rest of the realm.

One week earlier:

The blood rider cavalry goat unit, commanded by Bloodcreamer Thesseus was on his way out of Daisha, heading north for Sniika.
Thesseus men where riding a special breed of Mountain goats that could easily carry an adult man.
The group was just pausing, allowing the animals to graze and rest for a moment when the sky turned from clear blue to pitch black in only minutes.
The Goats lifted their heads picking up a foreign scent.
The herd grew restless while the weather turned worse.

Thesseus knew that Daimons were coming, and realized now that they were actually catching up with them.
Slightly troubled, he ordered his men to move out and make haste.
Only minutes after they left, a group of ravens restlessly circled around the group.
Thesseus looked up, recognizing this as a sign of magic beeing used and ordered his men to hurry once more.
The Goats quickened their pace but slowly and surely the air around them changed, it was as if the air its self was charged and oxygen drawn from it.
It became gradually harder to breath and eventually the men saw sparks appearing everywhere.

Thesseus frantically looked around him and finally spotted a dark cloaked figure from the edge of the woods south west of them and charged right at it with all strength.
As if an extension of his own feet, his goat charged forward with full strength getting closer and closer to the hooded figure.
Thesseus saw the figure of a man finishing his spell, now raising his hands to the skies, chanting the last words of it’s incantation.
Thesseus's goat kept charging forward fearlessly as the air its self started trembling.
They were now close enough for Thesseus to recognize the last words uttered by the cloaked figure, realizing it was already too late to respond.
They were the same words that finished the spell Thesseus used against his adversary Sir Gnaues of Spearhold.
And as if readying him self for some kind of impact he relaxed his muscles and leaned back on his mount just before a massive bolt of lightning cracked forth from the cloaked figure's hands.
The bolt struck Thessues in the middle of his chest and as if frozen in time, he felt the energy creep threw his body.

Everything around him became more and more illuminated untill all he saw was a bright white light surrounding him.
As he blinked his eyes, trying to adjust to the intensity of the light, a huge horned figure appeared to be hovering in front of him.
He couldn't make out what it was and all he saw was a shadow of it.

“Thesseus, step forth”
A deep chorus of voices appeared to say.

The Bloodscreamer tried to shield his eyes from the bright light hoping to see what this figure in front of him was.
“What or who are you?”
He asked anxiously.

“You will know what you need to know, now step forth into the light.”
More curious then distrustful, Thesseus eventually stepped forth and almost as if being carried away by a strong river stream, he was taken by the powerful energy emitting from the horned silhouette.
As the energy flow accelerated, Thesseus saw flashes of images and sound spinning around him and like a windmill in the storm, the pictures turned around faster and faster, almost appearing to break apart by the intolerable speed at which it was going.
The pictures eventually started swirling together, forming one massive image.
Like remembering multiple memories at the same time, the image showed different scenes all at once, imprinting it in his brain.
The massive amount of information passing through his mind came like a knockout punch and soon Thessus felt him self crashing down back at the world and into a deep black hole of unconsciousness until after what seemed like an eternity, he saw the vague images of his concerned staff hanging over his bed and felt the life slowly returning back into his body...
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