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Could someone break down for me what events occurred after the success against Melhed, I’m just curious how Thalmarkin has gotten to be so small. I know there is a general decline of players, but it seems an extreme case for my beloved Thal.
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Re: Thalmarkin
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After the War of Ice and Sun, most of the Wolves of Melhed were driven off while Ar-Agyre was reconstituted. Thalmarkin thrived under their victorious King Fingolfin until the 6th Invasion eviscerated the country. Thalmarkin's northern frontiers were too far for allied nations to assist in the defense against the encroaching Netherworld, loosing their regions one by one in a desperate attempt to combat the magics and legions of the daimon Lords. Their struggles, however, were not unique. Hope was in short supply as the invasion dragged on. Many noble families simply....ceased to be; their heirs lost to time and wilderness, vanishing to parts unknown. EVERY realm suffered, some didn't survive, others were reborn, and those that remain are still reeling.

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