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Re: Sacred Obia'Syela
« Reply #15: May 01, 2017, 08:24:50 PM »
Now then, I don't suppose either of you dabble in theology? The Heralds of Obeah can use some work and any ideas or experience is welcome!

Here are some ideas I have for
Realm titles:
Ruler = Archon
General = Ecclesiarch
Judge = Inquisitor
Banker = Chancellor

(I may or may not be playing Dawn of War atm so...)

Religion Titles
Founder = First Herald
High Priest = Cardinal
Priest = Chaplain
Noble (Full Rank) = Herald
Noble Follower (non-full member_ = Scholar
Follower (adventurer rank)= Adept

Ecclesiarch is weird imo, but the rest sounds nice. There was this special title for the dude (or dudess, I guess) who leads a crusade, it would fit perfectly. I can't recall it right now though.
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