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Re: Sacred Obia'Syela
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You can have many temples in a region.  One to as many religions as you wish.

Of course, only the region lord can build a temple, anyone can loot them, a region lord can close the, and other fun stuff.

And the region lord must be a member of the religion in question before he or she can build a temple to that region.

Let us say that very few regions have more than one temple, and fewer still have more than two temples.  I cannot in fact think of one that does.


I think 3 of our regions in Thalmarkin have 2 temples. Golden Feather, Daishi are active in the realm and then we have that damn 'The Portal' religion who had been building temples everywhere they went  ???
Osgar (Thalmarkin, BT), Jeames (Perleone, EC)
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