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Everyone sided against me on this one, but saving here for later...
The Second Founding
Nobles of the Sacred Court,
Now that Amen Telum has joined Iron, Obeah, and Keffa, We wish to begin discussing what We refer to as The Second Founding. That is, the splitting of the Sacred Realm into smaller states unified by Faith and homogenous tradition. Originally, We had intended to discuss the matter with only the Ducal Caste themselves, but We feel that the entire Court should make themselves heard here. (OOC this is all a brainstorm. Jump on in, the water’s fine!). Our intent is to split the realm three ways to at last form the Obian Trifecta:

Amen Iron:
  • The realm based around Irombro in Amen Iron would be allotted the 5 regions south of and including Rii and Ruefello.
  • This Realm would first be led by whomsoever holds the ducal circlet: Presently Grandmistress Jessica, who will likely serve as the Grand Herald of this realm.
  • Lords will have to be found for Bolkenia and Cagamir
  • This Realm will need its own Grand Council Members to include: General, Judge, and Banker. Volunteers are needed.
  • This realm will likely become the breadbasket of the Trifecta
  • [size=80%](OOC just thoughtof this but how’s Scythera for a name?! Chosen because breadbasket=farmers=reapers=scythes. Oh no, the Scytheran Inquisitors are coming! Oh noooos!)[/size]
Amen Telum:
  • The realm based around Grehk in Amen Telum would the 5 regions stretching from Ardmore to Kuugl.
  • This Realm would first be led by whomsoever holds the ducal circlet: Presently Grand Templar Vahanian
  • Lord Herald Eva will transfer the banner of Ardmore here, and serve as the Grand Herald of this realm.
  • Lords will need to be found for Glongin, Mio Dupaki, Bym, and Kuugl
  • This Realm will need its own Grand Council Members to include: General, Judge, and Banker. Volunteers are needed.
  • This realm will be the first Obian line of defense against any invader and will be the springboard from which Elymon and Jidington will eventually be colonized[size=80%](OOC just thought of this but how’s Telumasca for a name?! Oh no, the Telumascan Templars are coming! Oh noooos!)[/size]
Sacred Obia'Syela - The Motherland
  • Compromised of both Amen Keffa and Amen Obeah, would retain Our original borders: 5 regions including and north of Avengmil.
  • A Lord will need to be found for Cjelegy as Lord Boltgan may be going South at the invitation of the Iron Duchess.
  • The Lightbringer army will be disbanded. The Farseers will be the only sponsored army in the Motherland.
Knights who are not lords will be granted a 200-gold stipend directly from the Herald’s treasury if they commit to joining either one of these new ventures. The Trifecta Realms would be bound to sign that treaty and uphold the Accords. Beyond that, their traditions, titles, ambitions, and individual cultures shall be their own, though their spirit shall remain with the Veiled Goddess. Their goal would be to grow their number of nobles to 10-15 if possible. Together, three such realms WILL be enough to resist the next Daimonic invasion. Moreover, the fires of Our civilization will burn so brightly that nobles will be drawn to the gravity of Our great union. The Heralds of Obeah will function as the unifying hub of communication between these three realms so that in essence, We will form one Grand Realm against the coming dark.

We welcome your contributions to the discussion thus far. We chose rightly to bring the matter before you all. Our thoughts, however, remain unchanged: The realm should be split into three as soon as possible. While We understand the hesitation, We do not agree with it. It remains Our view that the benefits to splitting far outweigh risks and the difficulties involved.

In the beginning, We were entirely alone. “Grand” in name only, and mistress of a single small city in the heartlands: Keffa. We were alone, but not for long, and within weeks Our kingdom took shape as houses like Blint and Gildre heeded Our summons. How many of you were with Us during the Great Pilgrimage? We know. We can count your number on the fingers of one hand. Keffa, Our capital, the only region of Obeah, burned behind us as Jomorosh and his daimonic warhost devoured the faithful by the thousand. Sacrificed so that hope could be reborn in Rines. There, again, We were alone. Rines was a necropolis. The dead were everywhere and the peasants’ numbered not more than 800. All living in fear, rags, and hunger. We were alone, Our knights scattered and displaced through the long Pilgrimage until houses like Stark and D’Este leant their weight to Our cause. All of this, Everything We have as a nation, sprouted from nothing but Faith. If any of you lack faith in Our Vision, look around, for you are standing in but a chapter of it. Time soon to turn the page. While it need not be done today, the process must begin soon. We are on borrowed time. One does not need to have faith in Our visions to have faith in the fact that the Daimons will never stop clawing to pierce the Veil. Sooner or later, they will. Hope for later, but prepare for sooner. We remind you all of this before any of you try to say again that what We propose now cannot yet be done. It can. And by Obeah, it will be.

Consider: Where We were on Our own, you will have all the power of Rines to support you. Where we had to build up the infrastructure stone by stone to even build an army, You already have two, and infrastructure built in both cities to ensure access to more. Where We had no gold and relied entirely upon Our family fortunes to get by, you will have the mercantile might of the Amen Keffa to make sure your troops get paid while your new realms grow around you. Where we were forced to hold every council position Ourselves, in addition to Our titles as Duchess, Margravine, and Oracle, it was because there was no one else ready to share Our burdens, whereas you will have your comrades with you from the start. Where We were forced to suffer the constant depredations and indignities of rogue assaults freshly buoyed by the still-ongoing Invasion, you will have the Farseers army to call upon if ever you feel overwhelmed. If you do not have faith in Our Vision, have Faith in Us and the fact that We will do everything in Our power to ensure it is so. We do not have the ideal amount of knights, to be sure, but We have enough.
With that being said, allow us to detail Our vision further:
  • Duke Blint will secede with Amen Telum and Lord Herald Eva, as mistress of Ardmore, will join him. Her knight, Dame Mariana, will follow. Amen Telum will begin with 3 nobles by default and a wealthy rural that will be more than enough to feed Grehk as it grows. Add to that at least two more volunteers from the Motherland and you have a more than viable realm. That makes the initial region density 5:2 to start, and they can expand at their own pace.
  • Duke Stark will secede with Amen Iron, taking Lords Felmoure of Rii and Tom of Rueffilo with him. Lord Tom’s knight, Sir Connor, would follow. Amen Iron will begin with 4 nobles by default and two wealthy rurals to support Irombro’s continued growth. Add to that at least one more volunteer from the Motherland and you have a more than viable realm. That makes the initial region density 5:3 to start, and they can expand at their own pace.
  • This arrangement leaves the Motherland with 15 nobles. We could spare 5 more volunteers and at merely 10 the Motherland would Still have more nobles than other nations on this very continent. We can spare as many as 9. Each realm would have more than the baseline 1 noble per region (1:1). The Dukes-turned-rulers can place as much or as little power in the hands of their lords and knights as they choose, their rulership style does not concern Us so long as [[Obia’Syela/Trifecta|the Accords are adhered to]]. As far as We are concerned, they can compete to entice additional knights from the Motherland to serve them. It all serves the Veiled Goddess in the end.
  • The temples of the Heralds of Obeah will unite the kingdoms in communication as every landowner of the Sacred Realm is already a member of the faith by law. This includes ALL of our military commanders, economic strategists, and of course the Heralds themselves. The multiplying of titles need not result in a bloating of bureaucracy so long as a central hierarchy is maintained within the church. We will see to that personally.
  • The Motherland, using Our elite Farseer army, will take the responsibility of defending her Children until they are strong enough to stand on their own. You all heard the Bells. You’ve all seen the reports of monsters and undead shuffling back into the sea. It is a blessing, yes, a reprieve from the struggles that have been our Bane for decades. But it is also a challenge, a divine one, to see just how much We can grow in their absences and every day is precious in that regard…because We know that days of peace will surely be limited. In the meantime, Dukes Blint and Stark will sponsor their own armies to compete with Ours, and be authorized to use the royal We as We Ourselves do.
  • We have no fear of treachery as We love and cherish Our people. We would no more believe that Dukes Blint or Stark could turn on Us as We would believe Our own two hands harbored ill will towards Us. And even if they did, if both went mad and rose against Us, what army of theirs could challenge the power of Rines or the might of the Farseers? Even were such evil ambitions to worm its way into the heart of both trusted men, it would take years. And if they ever were confident in a campaign against Us, it will be because their realms were successfully nurtured from this very point, which would rather make further deliberation against the merits of Our plan rather moot.
  • Rines will grow hungry, this is true, but that test of faith is a familiar one for Our people, and they have remained stalwart through worse. Besides We trust Lords Eva, Tom, and Felmoure to ensure that their harvests are made available. We trust their dukes to ensure it. We trust Duke Blint to send raiding expeditions West, and We can send the Farseers themselves to do the same if necessary.
  • We understand that knights on the frontiers cannot afford the same units as those of Rines. We will personally ensure that Duke Blint and Stark will have gold requests fulfilled as often as possible. Given the army’s’ current gold requirements, it is feasible.
  • Titles are not candy to be handed out at request or thrown at passerby. For all We care, Dukes Blint and Stark can follow in Our footsteps and hold all of the realm titles until one of their personal court is ready to step up and share the burden of leadership. If We did it, THEY can do it. We Ourselves will assume any vacancies remaining in the Motherland if none of Our remaining court will aid us.
  • There are temples for the Heralds of Obeah in every region currently in Our domain, and more outside Our borders. Planted like seeds by Heralds past and present. Unlike Us, you will never be alone or without access to food, funds, and family through faith.
We want this discussion to continue, and have outlined Our vision to the best of Our ability. We invite critique, questions, and council. Change Our mind, if you believe your argument decisive enough. Currently, Ultimately, From Our perspective, all that will really change is the color of the map and how We address Our letters. With were you, the knights of the Sacred Court, any less united in faith and tradition, were you any other people, We would have doubts. But you are Obians, so doubt We do not. The knights of other, lesser nations stop at “difficult.” The knights of Obeah dare more. In place of doubt, We have faith. Faith in the Veiled Goddess, faith in Ourselves, and We have faith in each of you.

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