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And so, the letter itself! I send it to the entire Realm so everyone could enjoy the RP. It is an RP in which a letter is described and all that entails. Enjoy!

The Rabbit Fur Letter

Before you lays a package. It is not thicker than your thinnest finger and your eyes inform you that the skin in which it is wrapped is clearly rabbit, or, perhaps if you are not a discerning hunter, that of a weasel or even the coat of a very well washed ferret. The plush bunny tail should be a dead giveaway though. Unwrapping the fur your eyes will behold a fresh piece of parchment. New and bereft of the usual finger stains, ink or ash. Folded thrice, the bottom part upwards to about the middle. The top part down to the middle and the whole again doubled over. Making the initial bottom and top folds rest on one another. This bundle in turn is tied with two flat strings decorated with very thinly hammered silver. The strings are bound crosswise and meet in the middle of the folded parchment. It is here that a rich crimson seal of wax rests lazily. Upon it the crest of House Rendorin.

Unfolding it, you see the following:

A message containing characters penned by a hand trained for many years. The lettering meticulous and carefully arranged. Displaying not only ability but also an inner calm possessed  by the one that wrote it. The ink is a shade of black but not the kind purchased from a quality vendor. Instead it's rather a deep Anthracite.

Vice Marshal Godric Tórrarin, Scion of House ka Habb,

The hand that writes this letter belongs to Asher Renodin. I am the son of my father, the former Emperor of Luria Nova, Knight of the Phoenix army, Knight of Isadril and Faithful Subject of the Xerarch Selenia JeVondair. She that protects, the Flaming wing under which I shelter as it was offered to me.

That is about as grand as I can make my name. Yet it is hollow to me. I journeyed away from my father. His shadow is long and his legacy great. If I had stayed I would never have been my own man. The Sword and the Lance are not strange to me. For years have I studied both under the tutelage of great teachers. Culture, writing, decorum, etiquette and scholarly pursuits. Then why do I feel an empty vessel.

The moment my feet touched the rock and timber of the docks at Isadril I knew that I really knew nothing. This land, these people. Two days ago I killed for a Queen that I have never met. She invited me to speak to her wisemen and men of war. I think I made more enemies than friends by doing that. My plans and idea's folly. You said so yourself. I need a teacher. A mentor.

You know the way of the world. Of Torren and the true god. When I was till in Dwilight I had heard of this ancient faith or was it more a path and way of life? That is one thing but you are more than that. The few interactions we have had show me that. My father is a very different man. I am his son and I have learned much from him and perhaps am a bit like him but I don't want to be. I don't want to be a duplicate, a shadow that has no body of its own. I want more.

Godric will you teach me the way? I will swear to the land and to the sky to follow your instructions. To be like you are and to learn from your teachings.

Ever Chasing the Sun,

Asher Renodin

So the letter ends. A question asked and a proposal of a lifetime. At least, for one of the two men. Somewhere out there, there is a very nervous or very calm young noble. Waiting, on a response.